Privacy Policy

General Statement

Wisata Medis is our exclusive tradename in respect of which we reserve all our rights.
Our primary objective at Wisata Medis is to facilitate people in their search for medical treatments
and services, particularly, in the island of Penang, Malaysia.
The facilitation that we provide relates to the following aspects of medical services:
1. provision of second opinion;
2. provision of medical consultation and treatment; and
3. recommendation of suitably qualified / experienced doctors for consultation and treatment.
For avoidance of doubt, mention is hereby made that the medical services stated are not bundled but
instead each of them can on its own be a standalone service, independent of the others.

Second Opinions

Second opinions in medical care are common and are normally sought in the following circumstances
(list is indicative only and is not intended to be exhaustive); namely where the attending doctor –
1. does not appear to be certain;
2. gives unclear or confusing diagnosis;
3. gives the diagnosis of a rare / life threatening condition;
4. proposes risky / experimental / controversial treatment;
5. prescribes treatment that does not appear to be effective; or
6. is (for some reasons) unable to command the confidence of the patient.
It is important to bear in mind that medical diagnosis and medical treatments are strictly matters of
professional judgment and opinion; and doctors do (and often, properly so) differ in their judgments
and opinions.
So, the second opinion that we give at Wisata Medis does not serve (as the sole or even principal
objective) to determine the correctness of the judgment and opinion of an attending doctor. Instead,
it shall serve as an alternative view for the attending doctor to refer and consider, when making his /
her own professional judgment and opinion in the particular case.
Therefore, we would urge everyone who procures a second opinion from us at Wisata Medis, or who
intends to do so, to inform his / her attending doctor accordingly – so that the said doctor could have
the advantage of reviewing and weighing his / her own judgment and opinion in the light of our second
opinion. Be that as it may, it must be made known that the attending doctor may not agree with our
second opinion, whether partially or fully.
In Wisata Medis, all our second opinions are arrived at from the collaborative efforts of our panel of
specialists, of whom one or more could be based outside Malaysia (e.g. Japan).
For the purposes of rendering the second opinion we shall require the following information about
the patient, i.e. the patient’s
1. medical records;
2. pathology report;
3. post-surgery operative report (if applicable); and
4. treatment plan,
in addition the patient’s medical history; all of which will be collected by us at Wisata Medis in digital
format via our online portal.
Anyone who intends to seek a second opinion here at Wisata Medis for the benefit another (i.e. the
patient) is required to procure the prior consent of that other; or his / her next of kin should he / she,
due to his / her medical condition, be unable to consent. Consent is necessary because the party who
seeks our second opinion on behalf of a patient must be in possession of all relevant records and
information about the patient; or have full access to them.
Unless necessary or specifically requested, as the case may be, no physical examination of any patient
will be carried out. All relevant details and data pertaining to the patient’s condition will be gleaned
from the information disclosed to us online; and an appropriate second opinion will be formed by our
panel of specialists based strictly on their evaluation and review of those details and data.
In view of the foregoing and subject to the next paragraph, it must be made known that the giving of
second opinions by our panel of specialists is not intended to be a medical consultation service but
instead, it shall be treated as an independent review of a patient’s condition by way of an opinion.
Where physical examination is carried out on a patient either by reason of necessity or upon specific
request, our service in rendering the second opinion shall be deemed as having been extended by
mutual agreement to include the provision of consultation. In which event additional fees and charges
will be payable.